130PCS 1/4" & 3/8" & 1/2" Dr. Socket Set


·10PCS 1/4"Dr.Socket:4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13mm;
·4PCS 1/4"Dr.Deep Socket:8,9,10,12mm;
·9PCS 3/8"Dr.Socket:11,12,13,14,15,16,17,18,19mm;
·4PCS 3/8"Dr.Deep Socket:13,14,15,17mm;
·7PCS 3/8"Dr.Star Socket:E8,E10,E11,E14,E16,E18,E20;
·7PCS 1/2"Dr.Socket:20,21,22,24,27,30,32mm;
·3PCS 3/8"Dr.Spark Plug Socket:14mm&16mm&21mm;
·20PCS 1/4" Bits 25(L):SL4,SL5,SL6.5,PZ1,PZ2,PZ3,H3,H4,H5,H6,PH1,PH2,PH3,T10,T15,T20,T25,T27,T30,T40;
·1PC 1/4"Dr.Bit Holder;
·1PC 1/4"Dr.Spinner Handle:150mm;
·17PCS 3/8"Dr.Bit Socket:T20,T30,T40,H4,H5,H6,H8,PZ1,PZ2,PH1,PH2,SL5.5,SL6.5,TT45,TT50,TT55,TT60;
·1PC Adaptor:3/8"(Fx1/4"M);
·2PCS Dr.3 Way Adaptor:3/8"Dr,1/2"Dr;
·1PCS 1/4"Dr.Ratchet Handle;
·1PC 3/8"Dr.Ratchet Handle;
·1PC 1/2"Dr.Dr.Ratchet Handle;
·1PC 1/4"Dr.Universal Joint;
·1PC 3/8"Dr.Universal Joint;
·1PC 1/2"Dr.Universal Joint;
·1PC 1/4"Dr.Extension Bar;
·2PCS 3/8"Dr.Extension Bar:75mm,150mm;
·2PCS 1/2"Dr.Extension Bar:125mm,250mm;
·11PCS Combination Spanner:8,9,10,11,12,13,14,16,17,18,19mm;
·1PC Impact Screwdriver Slotted: 6X100mm;
·1PC Impact Screwdriver Phillips: PH2X100mm;
·1PC Special Socket For Cylinder Head Screw:T52;
·1PC Three-Pawl Machine:(63-102mm);
·1PC Electrial Test Pen:6-24V;
·1PC Audi Oil base Twelve Corner Socket: M16;
·1PC Six angle Socket For Assembling And Assembling Oil BottomSlotted Screw:H17;
·1PC Special Two Angle Socket For The Shock Absorber Assembly;
·1PC Slip Joint Plier:8";
·9PCS Hex Key Spanner Set with Ball Head:1.5,2,2.5,3,4,5,6,8,10mm;
·3PCS Extended Type X Handle head Flexible Ratchet;
·3PCS X-Type Flex Head Combination Wrench:10,13,17mm;
·1PC Magnetic Flashlight with 3 LEDS.

CTN SIZE: 57.5x22x41CM G.W.: 24.1KGS QTY/CTN: 2 SETS